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Hey, everybody! I was recently talking to oflights (you probably know her — she’s written some fabulous TSN fic) about how much we miss Mark/Eduardo-centric fanworks, particularly of the feel-good variety, and how we’d like to kick some M/E enthusiasm back into fandom.

Our solution? A Mark/Eduardo prompt fest! We hosted something similar back in October when the community was still very tiny and new, and it had an excellent turn-out. Because it pre-existed the kink meme and fic was still scarce, we let the prompt drop be open to all pairings, but this time, we’re going to narrow things down a bit.


    1. All prompts must focus on Mark/Eduardo OR Jesse/Andrew. You can certainly include other dynamics, but the focal point nevertheless has to be M/E or J/A. Using them as background pairings or allowing other pairings to dominate is prohibited. (i.e. ‘Mark/Eduardo, Eduardo/Erica’ would be allowed, but ‘Eduardo/Erica’ on its own wouldn't be.)

    2. Feel free to prompt all forms of media, not just fic — vids, icons, wallpapers, animations, drawings, meta, etc. As long as it’s creative, anything goes.

    3. You can post your fill(s) in the comments OR in separate entries, but if you do the latter, at least drop a link in the prompt thread to alert the OP.

Prompt Format:

YOU MUST USE SUBJECT HEADINGS. If you don’t, your comment will be deleted and re-posted with the accurate formatting.

    Subject Title Format → [Creative Medium]: Pairing

    (e.g. [Fic]: Jesse/Andrew, [Vid]: Mark/Eduardo, [Wallpaper]: Mark/Eduardo)

Use the comment box to get into the actual details of your prompt(s). You can be as concise or verbose as you want, as long as you coherently convey what it is you’re looking for. Have fun! ♥ Anonymous commenting is on, so don’t be shy. Also, should you want to keep tabs on this thing, a link to the fest can be found in the mark_eduardo sidebar.

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