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01:35 am: black_eyedgirl Fic: Bugfixes in the Redesign [Mark/Eduardo; R] - 3 comments
03:38 am: gdgdbaby [oneshot] if i'm addicted to loving you (and you're addicted to my love too)
02:59 pm: venus_aurea [fic] Enjoy the Little Things
08:30 pm: slashyelizabeth Love, Death, and a World In Flames (Chapter One) - 21 comments
10:31 pm: feelingsofine (no subject) - 4 comments
12:41 am: adinasourisme Steady your hands - 18 comments
12:51 am: slashyelizabeth Love, Death, and a World In Flames (Chapter Two) - 22 comments
05:16 am: gdgdbaby [oneshot] you can run and tell that, homeboy
08:05 am: romancandles fic: the hour vanishing (rpf, andrew/jesse)
10:02 pm: fledmusic fic: these things get louder (mark/eduardo)
03:07 pm: venus_aurea [fic] Camouflage
11:23 pm: slashyelizabeth Love, Death, and a World In Flames (Chapter Three) - 16 comments
12:23 am: jones6 Fic: Ready To Start
03:06 pm: mentalmystics armistice {mark/eduardo} - 8 comments
07:04 pm: redinteriors 20 icons | Jesse/Andrew, The Social Network and actor
08:23 pm: stickyvalentine fic: the long way back
08:54 pm: sharksdontsleep Title: With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
09:53 pm: orelseanending First Social Network Fic. Here goes. - 4 comments
11:16 pm: houseau3 Fanvid: How it should have end (Mark, Eduardo)
11:17 pm: tafidadarling The Socially Awkward Network
01:34 pm: socnetwrkmeme (no subject)
12:58 pm: gdgdbaby [oneshot] i don't know why you say goodbye, i say hello
07:38 pm: tafidadarling The Socially Awkward Network Ch.2
07:48 pm: slashyelizabeth Love, Death, and a World In Flames (Chapter Four) - 14 comments
07:48 pm: tafidadarling Drabbles Today As Well
08:37 pm: dripping_gold Sorry is a Four Letter Word
06:55 am: spillingbliss Full DP/30 interview with Jesse and Andrew! - 21 comments
07:23 pm: tafidadarling Beauty and the Asshole - 3 comments
09:45 pm: sharksdontsleep TSN Comment-Fic Party-Palooza-Ganza - 785 comments
01:10 pm: venus_aurea [fic] Separation Anxiety
10:28 am: gdgdbaby [oneshot] you wake up, another year is gone
06:46 pm: fledmusic fic: world enough and time
08:54 pm: soxdamnxcute (no subject)
06:46 am: pirateyes [Fic] anomie.
06:54 pm: pada_something (no subject)
06:59 pm: slashyelizabeth Inevitable - 17 comments
11:46 pm: adinasourisme a little less conversation - 13 comments
11:59 pm: brutalsong days go by - fanmix
05:34 pm: gdgdbaby [oneshot] say a little prayer for you
05:55 pm: romancandles fic: across the coils (rpf, andrew/jesse)
10:39 pm: slashyelizabeth Love, Death, and a World In Flames (Chapter Five) - 17 comments
08:00 am: gdgdbaby [oneshot] time to start giving back
10:09 pm: reogulus Coffee - 1 comment
01:08 am: be_a_rebel Fic: I want you to notice, when I'm not around.
10:34 am: neoncitylight [discussion] Line between RPF and TSN!Fic. - 14 comments
03:38 pm: crosshair fic: errata (mark/eduardo, pg-13)
04:48 pm: tafidadarling Private Eye, Public Face
04:28 pm: someidiothasice Fic: My Wife and Kids
04:46 pm: mistrusts fanmix; teenage dream
10:10 pm: someidiothasice Fic: It's Raining Men (Oy Vey)
11:35 pm: cyanidesuicide fanmix; another four letter word
01:27 pm: gdgdbaby [oneshot] doesn't take much for me to come unglued
02:37 pm: tafidadarling TSN prompt fic round up. - 2 comments
11:41 pm: reogulus unspoken
05:20 pm: fiveto_midnight fanmix: on the bartering line (you're an awful lot like me)
08:36 pm: slashyelizabeth Love, Death, and a World In Flames (Chapter Six) - 17 comments
03:10 am: 4rightchords_ what happened before the sudden stop (Mark/Eduardo, TSN)
04:41 am: black_eyedgirl Fic: Edges Are Blurring [Mark/Eduardo; PG-13] - 1 comment
07:21 pm: slashyelizabeth Puppy Love - 27 comments
09:41 pm: nikkikoala90 We Share The Sadness - 13 comments
08:34 am: tafidadarling Drabbles
12:19 am: gdgdbaby [oneshot] all these situations you somehow find yourself in
06:58 pm: reogulus The Social Network icons (Mark/Eduardo + Andrew Garfield) - 2 comments
12:17 am: reject36 Something You Miss - 11 comments
01:27 am: pendules the shape of the storm.
03:00 pm: venus_aurea [fic] Till You Come Undone
05:29 pm: reogulus Going Under
06:28 am: maiahaha (no subject)
09:39 pm: figletofvenice (no subject)
02:07 am: gdgdbaby [oneshot] the one where jesse actually goes shopping
01:49 pm: tafidadarling Snippets
05:25 pm: tafidadarling Drabbles
08:54 pm: nikkikoala90 Repression - 15 comments
10:08 pm: breakattiffanys TSN tops Sight & Sound list for 2010 - 3 comments
10:17 am: breakattiffanys Icons