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TSN Comment-Fic Party-Palooza-Ganza

Hola, cats and kittens. With the approval of your lovely mods, marycontraire and I would like to host (at the comm) the second in (hopefully) many comment fic parties.

Here's the sitch. You comment on this post with a prompt. It can be a pairing and a few words (Mark/Eduardo, 5 years later, blue) or something more elaborate (Mark and Eduardo are space pirates who must rob the Winklevi space station). The prompt is your oyster, though keep in mind posting elaborate synopses to unwritten stories may discourage others from playing along. Or not.

Other people respond to the prompt with a story or stories. Either reply in the comments with the actual story (multiple parts are A-OK) or with a link to where the story is. We go until people run out of steam.

A few particulars:

And if anyone's a graphics whiz, we'd love something to put up for the fic fest! For now, have a random gif:

1. How should I format my prompt post?

If you are just putting the pairing and a short prompt, include it as a subject line:

Mark/Eduardo, 5 years later, blue.

If you are doing a more elaborate post, put a few words that could summarize your prompt:

Mark/Eduardo, Space Pirates!, heist

2. How should I format my story post?

In the subject line, please list the pairing, the title, and the prompt, in that order.

Ex. Mark/Eduardo, 5 Years Gone, blue

Ex. Mark/Eduardo, Big Damn Heroes, space pirates

If you are posting multiple parts, please put Part 1, Part 2 at the end of the subject line.

Ex. Mark/Eduardo, Big Damn Heroes, space pirates, Part 1/2

3. Can more than one person reply to a prompt?

YES. More than one story can be used to fill a prompt. The point is to generate as many awesome drabbles, stories, epics, character studies, etc. that we can. There are no minimum or maximum word counts for stories. There are no maximums for stories per prompt!

4. Can I link to already-written stories?

Nope! The point is generate new stories.

5. Are non-fic works welcome?

Vids, music mixes, graphics, or any other transformative works welcome too! Please post any graphics using the following guidelines: If it's larger than 800 px wide or 500 kB, use a thumbnail linking to the art, or to a post containing the art. Contact one of us if you are interested in posting vids, mixes, etc.

6. I want to fill a prompt, but with another pairing or another scenario. What should I do?

Please follow people's wishes! If someone requests Mark/Eduardo, the story they get should involve Mark and Eduardo and not, say, Winklecest. If you have a story that you'd like to post, and no prompt to match it, prompt it yourself (anon or non-anon)!

7. Are there specific kinds of content that aren't allowed?

Please be respectful of other people's prompts, kinks, etc. However, if anything that's posted that you feel is beyond the pale or makes this an unsafe space (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.), please contact one of us ASAP.

Thank you to shoshannagold for her advice/assist in running this!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here are the stories thus far:

Have fun writing!
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