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fic: several fics

hi! just in case anyone checks this in 2k19... here are some fics lol.

feed it to lions (t, 3k)
Mark thinks back on sleepless nights. (Or, the one where they're all Gryffindors, and at least two of them have no idea why.)

you don't get that kind of lifeline (t, 3k)
Mark's employees probably expected him to break down and cry when the news came up that Eduardo gave up his citizenship. But he didn't.
He booked a flight to Singapore instead.

charting waters (t, 11k)
Eduardo's patience wears thin, and he pushes Mark into the pool at the Palo Alto house.

the theory of breaking (m, 3k, ongoing)
A few years after the settlement, a major malfunction in an experiment of some avant-garde science research center results in an explosion that radiates across the entirety of San Francisco. The next morning, people start waking up with superpowers, and things quickly turn into political unrest.

In the midst of it all, Mark still thinks about Eduardo, and Palo Alto, and other broken things in his life he thought he would never get the chance to fix.


Also! Here are some fic recs from 2k19 fics.

into nightfall (t, gen, 1k)
I'm not going to post this. Not that anyone would read it if I did, but Eduardo might. But he won't, because I'm not going to post it. I guess I already said that. I may be slightly drunk right now.

Or, Mark gets drunk and examines his feelings post-dilution, pre-depositions.

as a feather in the stream (t, gen, 4k)
“You have no idea what that's gonna mean to my father,” Wardo says quietly, staring at the masthead.

“Sure I do,” says Mark, because he does.

Or, Eduardo and his father, through Mark’s eyes.


if there's anyone still out there, feel free to reach out? (tumblr, twitter).
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