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fic: several more 2k19 fics + recs

Hi again, 2019. I guess me and my friend, we're at it again. These were posted over the course of summer 2k19, and I know I have 1-2 fics more finished but that I haven't posted yet. Make me post them!! Revive the TSN fandom! Or something. Anyways, thanks for checking these out if you do. All markwardo.

all i know, you taught me (t, 4.7k)
Mark works graveyard shifts at a coffee shop and crashes on Eduardo's bed when day comes around, so he wouldn't have to pay rent.

the art of bruising (e, 5.2k)
Alphas have bruises they want to hide too.

no rest for the wicked (t, 4.6k)
A complex mark indicates the presence of a soulmate. A simple one indicates the presence of a nemesis instead. Eduardo's and Mark's don't match, but moreover, Mark's soulmark is too simple: it reads FB in rudimentary chicken scratches.

not ailuromancy, but close (m, currently 16k)
Eduardo picks up a cat in an alleyway on a rainy day, down at the pier. Little does he know he's picked up an uncommonly nonchalant and dickish shapeshifter who drinks beer and codes and makes Eduardo trip over him for sport.

lullaby of the white woods (t, 2.3k)
Mark is a naiad, Eduardo is a prince, and fate is cruel.

And fics from my friend sundays!!! They're so good sometimes I can't articulate that without cussing.

hands protect the flames (t, currently 6k)
Mark is pregnant. He's also homeless, and an omega, and he can't catch a fucking break. Then he meets an alpha named Eduardo.

turn the world to gold (m, currently 3k)
Hitchhiker!AU, in which Eduardo stops at a gas station and meets a scruffy, curly-haired guy who needs a ride.

vivere ubicumque domum reperisset (m, 3.4k)
Mark is homeless and offers Eduardo a blowjob in exchange for a shower. (Eduardo, in turn, offers Mark a home.)


if there's anyone still out there, feel free to reach out? (tumblr, twitter).
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