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fic: let's run away. [1/?]

Title: let's run away.
Rating: PG-13 (for now.)
Word count: 1917.
Characters/Parings: Andrew/Jesse.
Summary: Small Town AU. Jesse and Andrew live in a small town they both want to escape from. It's not always that easy, though - or is it?
Author's Notes: The small town thing has been done before, but idk, inspiration hit. This chapter ends really oddly because I ended up getting distracted, but there may be more to come. 

tsn { i made a deal with god

Fic: Shermer's Theory [AU, Mark/Eduardo]

Title: Shermer's Theory
Author: antistar_e
Characters/Pairings: Mark/Eduardo, Christy, Erica, Dustin
Rating: PG-13, light R for violence
Summary: "Boy," she'd said. "Boy, when you grow up, you're either going to go to jail or become a millionaire," and Mark tips his head back and supposes it's a good thing he never had plans to be rich.
Notes: Another Earth AU! It's not necessary to have seen the movie to understand this fic, but you should definitely watch it at some point, it's co-written and co-directed by Brit Marling. YAY LADY FILMMAKERS.
Warnings: frank discussion of depression, disfigurement, and suicidal impulses. Minor character death, too much plot, no porn. Sorry D:
Word Count: 51,700

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never trust a happy song, Hannah Hooper

podfic: what not to do when your boss is dating the guy he had erased from his memory by moogle62

Fic what not to do when your boss is dating the guy he had erased from his memory: a user's guide by c. hughes by moogle62
Rating teen
Warnings my terrible attempt at sounding drunk
Summary In which Mark has a new mystery significant other, or so Dustin claims, and there is not enough alcohol in the world to make Chris's life any less stupid. [Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fusion.]

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(mp3 and m4b, 1:09:22, ~64MB)

Mark is careful 2

Mark goes home and “makes” some instant noodles and eats them with that kind of growing hunger that you come across when you’ve been unknowingly starving yourself for the past few days. He finishes quickly and rinses out his bowl in the sink before padding through his large, empty feeling house to the bathroom. He stays in the shower for a long time, letting it’s warmth beat at the bruises and knots scattered across his body and remind him of Wardo on sleepy Saturday nights when they’d fallen asleep on top of each other on the couch because they’d both been running on empty for the past few days, Mark to code and Wardo to study. Mark can feel his eyes stinging now, like they always do when he thinks too much about what he had before and how much he messed things up; he turns off the shower quickly and blinks his eyes until the knot in his throat disappears. When he reaches his large, perfectly made bed Mark falls asleep almost instantly and doesn’t dream.

 - Part 1

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This is a Story of Loaded Glances, part 1

Title: This is a Story of Loaded Glances

Fandom and Pairing: The Social Network Mark/Eduardo

Rating: R-ish for now. Not that explicit, but still a tad NSFW.

Word Count: This is a WiP! This chapter has 3,795 words.

Warnings: Very light angst (for now. It'll get worse), emotionally abusive relationships and closeted love. oh the tragedy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I am not Aaron Sorkin, I did not create Mark and Eduardo as they are portrayed in the Social Network. These are DEFINITELY not the real cofounders of facebook portrayed here. Nothing is real!

Summary: Mark and Eduardo were in a relationship through their freshman year, until they broke it off for reasons. Mark didn’t screw Eduardo over because he was jealous of the final club. He didn’t want it to go that far, with the dilutions, and the yelling, and the deposition. He just wanted Eduardo back. He wanted Eduardo to come out and come live with him. He made those decisions so that Eduardo would either come out to live with him, where they could grow old together in Palo Alto, rich and ground breaking and together. But Eduardo couldn’t, and the dilutions were Mark’s last ditch, stupid attempt to get Eduardo back. Eduardo wouldn’t, and Mark had to lie, because even though Wardo hurt him, even though living without Wardo was like living without oxygen, Mark couldn’t tell the truth, couldn’t hurt him that badly. 

Notes: I've been hovering in the fandom since the movie came out, but have never written fic before, until I was watching the Social Network for the 30th time three weeks ago. It isn't beta'd, although I'd love a beta! Comment if you want to be one! Title from the Chris Pureka song, "Burning Bridges". 

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fic: (500) Days Of Jesse [5/?]

Title: (500) Days Of Jesse
Part: Four
Pairing: Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg 
Rating: PG-13 for this one.
Summary: Jewnicorn/(500) Days Of Summer crossover. Loosely based on the plot of the film.
Disclaimer: Never happened, all a figment of my imagination. I am not affiliated with anyone mentioned in this work of fiction. (500) Days Of Summer is property of Fox Searchlight Pictures.
A/N: Remember to pay close attention to the numbers before each section, they denote the number of days that Andrew and Jesse have known one another at each point -same as the film, of course- it'll help you in keeping track of where they are on their 500 day timeline :)

louis is beautiful

fic: come in closer (i want you to) [12/?]

Title:come in closer (i want you to)
Author: say_thanks
Pairing: Jesse/Andrew
Warning: underage
Rating: ~NC-17~
Author's notes: again, this chapter is split into two parts at my journal :)  sorry for the wait!

Jesse takes Hallie Kate to swimming lessons and notices a boy his age with golden skin doing laps. He doesn't know what he feels (he can't feel this way, shouldn't feel this way) but all he knows is that the boy at the swim centre makes him feel things he doesn't understand (can't admit, won't admit) and it's just his luck that he's forced to be friends with him, isn't it?

This is a tale of self-discovery and experimentation. Andrew reaches a hand out and Jesse is compelled to take it, even if Andrew is pretty stranger and Jesse cant' (he's not supposed to, it doesn't work like this) be Andrew's. 

Title taken from Blue October's Come in Closer. 

part i | part ii | part iii | part iv | part v | part vi | part vii | part viii | part ix | part xi| part xi | part xii

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